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The law does not define how much can be copied. You should seek to observe the extent limits or so called “safe copying" limits of:

  • One article from an issue of a journal
  • 10% or a chapter from a work
  • Under fair dealing you may only copy for yourself. You cannot make copies for other people.
  • You may make only one copy of the same work.
  • As a general rule you may not copy more than the so called “safe copying limits" from the same work at around the same time (i.e. you cannot copy one chapter from a work one day and a further chapter for the same work the next).
  • Your copying should be for non-commercial research or private study purposes.
  • You should acknowledge the source of your copy.

Further copyright information can be found on the University's Copyright page or contact for additional guidance. Detailed information on copyright and how this impacts on teaching staff is available from the copyright pages accessible from the Portal (Workplace tab).

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